Post-Operative Diet Recommendations

Following surgery, start with clear, cool liquids. Initially restricting hot liquids or foods is recommended because the heat can cause the bleeding to resume or potentially burn numb areas of the mouth.

If tolerating clear liquids, and no longer experiencing numbness, you may proceed to soft solids or pureed foods. Some suggested foods are: cottage cheese, yogurt, jello, pudding applesauce, scrambled eggs, mac & cheese, ice cream, cream of wheat, popsicles, pancakes.

Over the next several days, progress to solid foods. For the following week, avoid crunchy, chewy foods as well as foods such as nuts, seeds or popcorn which can become lodged in the surgical sites. Avoiding raw vegetables and apples as well as spicy or acidic foods will also be to your benefit. Small frequent meals are recommended.

If you are a diabetic, try to return to your normal eating habits as soon as possible. Follow your instructions from your physician regarding your insulin schedule.

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