Management of Post-Operative Pain


These medications may make you tired/sleepy so you should take the appropriate precautions while on these medications (ie: No driving or operating machinery). When taking any pain medications, try to stay ahead of the pain. More frequent small doses of narcotics (for example tab every 2-3 hours instead of 1 tab every 4 hours) may provide more long term comfort. Taking your first dose of pain medications before the anesthetic has worn off should help manage your discomfort. If Ibuprofen has been recommended, continue to take this in addition to any prescribed medications unless otherwise directed. Do not take Tylenol with prescribed, narcotic pain medications unless instructed to do so.


Some of the medications used during surgery or prescription medications may cause nausea. Your surgeon may have given you a prescription for a medication to help with nausea. Please take as directed. Nausea can also be reduced by preceding each pain pill with a small amount of soft food, and taking the pill with a large glass of water. Cola products may also help. For persistent nausea and vomiting, please call the office.

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